Our Second A.B. Lord Fellow

Zhu GangThe Center for Studies in Oral Tradition is pleased to announce the second recipient of the A.B. Lord Fellowship in Oral Tradition, Mr. Zhu Gang, who is a Ph.D. candidate at Minzu University of China (Central University for Nationalities), Department of Folklore. Zhu is a Bai from Dali, Yunnan Province. He received his M. A. in Ethnic Literature from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2007. He has been working for The Southern Ethnic Literature Division of the Institute of Ethnic Literature, CASS since July of 2007. He is now an assistant research fellow of the academy, as well as the Deputy Secretary-in-General of China Folklore Society. In his work, based on dynamic oral-traditional expressions and case study concepts, Zhu seeks to bring the diverse aspects of oral expressive culture to the foreground. His publications include: “From Tradition to Individual: An Exploration into the Transmission and Oral Poetic Rules of Baipkv (Ballads of the Bai People) in Shilong Village” (2010.12); “Reconsidering the Basics: An Oral Poetic Study into the Concept of Verse-Line in Baipkv” (2010.9); A Chinese translation of one chapter from John Miles Foley’s work: How to Read an Oral Poem (2009), “After the New Folkloristics: A Revisit to Folklore Fellows’ Summer School in 2010”(2012); etc. Since 2009, Zhu has become a Ph.D. candidate at Department of Folklore, Minzu University of China (Central University for Nationalities). Mr. Zhu will be resident at the CSOT for a three-month period in 2012-13. More about Mr. Zhu can be found by viewing his Curriculum Vitae.