Sardinian Oral Traditions

Dr. Paolo Flavio Zedda, Oral Poet and Professor of Ethnomusicology, delivered the 2008-2009 Albert Lord and Milman Parry Lecture at the University of Missouri on November 5th, 2008. The lecture, “Sardinian Oral Traditions,” was illustrated by recordings and a live performance.

Dr. Paolo Flavio Zedda

Widely recognized as one of the leading oral poets in Sardinia, Dr. Zedda is also a professor of ethnomusicology at the Università di Cagliari and a dentist specializing in orthodontics. Among his recent publications are The Art of the Motet (2007) and The Song in Itself (2007). He has performed and delivered lectures in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cuba, the Basque Country, the United States, and elsewhere. He spent two weeks at the University of Missouri, visiting classes and participating in extended interviews that will lead to a book and a web publication featuring his unique perspective on oral poetry—as both a performer and a scholar.